DarkRP Door Help


I have just got a new 2D3D door Titles for my darkrp door, Now, I need to remove the original darkrp text that shows when you look at a door (“Press the reload button with keys or press F2 to own”)

Anyone know how to remove it from showing?

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Here is a photo, its the default darkrp writing i want gone



Line 64

This is from Coderhire why not ask author about this?

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Then comment about it on the actual script page? -_-

Please, for your own sake, READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION. Thanks.

Is it just because my darkrp is out of date? Or what?

I just told you exactly what to do…


I did what you told me to and I got a load of errors when i got close to the door

Exactly. See commit for 9/08/2013 for more info.