DarkRP Door Owner Problem - HELP!

I am having a problem in my DarkRP server. When I walk up to a door, it no longer comes up with any text (whether it should be saying it is unowned, owned by, etc).
However, when I press F2 on them, the GUI comes up and works fine just like normal. Keys/knocking also works. The same goes for door groups.

This problem seemed to occur when I switched the gamemode back from sandbox to darkrp. (I switched it to sandbox real quick just to model a couple of ragdolls, then immediately changed the gamemode back.)

So, don’t change from sandbox, elsewise you will break stuff.
Easy peasy! :v:

I’d appreciate a fix. I’d rather not reinstall everything.

If you want to get ragdoll models go into Singleplayer, you are creating more work for yourself by swapping the gamemode. Even if you don’t want to swap it to sandbox every time what is stopping you from getting ragdoll models in DarkRP on your own server where you are likely admin.

You are a tard, you can’t just switch gamemodes, and expect everything to be fine. You have to do a restart whenever you change the gamemode. Point in turn, do not change the gamemode whilst you are playing. You can easily just spawn a ragdoll in DarkRP, no questions asked.

Okay I get it. I fucked up :stuck_out_tongue: … learned my lesson.

But now how do I go about solving this? Could I simply download DarkRP again and replace certain files? I’d appreciate some help.