DarkRP Door System Messages Removal

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My second question here on facepunch, and first of all. I love u all. My question just got answered in less than 4 hours. What a service!
But let’s move on.
Sooo, I got an Addon wich is called door_display. It changes the display text on the doors to a more proffesional font.
But when I make the door unownable, the default darkrp text will pop-up.
How do I remove these textes, so all the default darkrp door messages will never be shown?



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I don’t have a DarkRP server set up currently so I can test but a quick look at the code indicates that the following code hides default door ui:

hook.Add("HUDDrawDoorData", "hide_doordata", function() return true end)

Thanks, It worked :smiley:

And how to replace default darkrp door messages by icon when player look it?

you know what is the module for open menu door ( press F2 to allow ownership)?