Darkrp Doors Not Being Able to be buyed!

My Darkrp server is running like normal but there is just a masive problem.
No one can buy doors it gives a error in console saying ‘unknown command: darkrp’
Everything works and all but this all started after i added two classes swat and fbi.
just to let out the bank used to be owned by ‘banker’ now swat.

I tried multiple things.

  • re installed darkrp
  • re installed darkrp moderation master
  • updated steam servers?
  • went thought the command line



Reapply the team, the order of teams switch (and also update DarkRP to fix the command bug)

Thanks for the job fix but. I updated to the highest version of darkrp yet it still gives me the command unknown command: darkrp. help?

Reinstall DarkRP. Delete the modification addon, delete the folder in gamemodes. Start from scratch.

Or simply don’t use DarkRDM.

Already reinstalled, Already deleted the modification addon, And ill try deleting the gamemodes
If this works ill love you.

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Nope. Not working m8
I dont know what DarkRDM is but i’m guessing its dark door mod. I dont have a door mod.

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Added you on steam.