DarkRP: Doors not saving for cops & mayor

Hello. I have a problem with my DarkRP server, when I set the doors for mayors and cops, and those that are non-ownable. I can do it, but when I restart the server or it crashes, I have to do all of it again… Help?

EDIT: Where can I find a tool what I can use to limit different toolguns to admins only?

I can’t help, but from my experience, it’s a small price to pay for so much in return.

ASSmod kind of works to set different tools for certain people only. The ranks in ASSmod are: previously banned, guest, respected, temp admin, admin, server owner.

Nononono. Use falcos simple prop protection. U can set tools to groups. Like

Admins - all tools
Trusted - retrict some certain tools
Noobs. - Restrict all tools


And use Ulib an ULX

Fixed the toolgun thanks! Umm… Any help for the door problem?


Maybe your are missing some kind of file or folder, when I was missing folder named Saved-Data then I couldn’t save the time that people were for on my server

What could I be missing?


You forgot Super Admin. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the Server i’m Super Admin on it always saves it do you have a later version of DarkRP?

Nope, I’m super admin, I have tried the both SVN and the Non-SVN… Neither one works, currently I use the SVN version.