DarkRP Downtown v2 Spawn??

OK heres the problem whenever someone spawns in rp_downtown_v2 they will spawn in a building.
its getting REALLY annoying…

its basically when they join the server they will spawn inside of a building… and when they die the same happens…

PLEASE help!

it happened randomly… like 2 days ago it was fine

Give more detail

Try setting a new spawn point for whatever class may be having the problem using

/setspawn [TEAM]

Where [TEAM] is the specific class, for example citizen, cp, or mayor.

You can permanently add spawns in the static_data.lua

table.insert(team_spawn_positions, {"<map name here>", TEAM_<namehere>, <position here>})

An example one, for my Evocity server, i use:

table.insert(team_spawn_positions, {"rp_evocity_v2d", TEAM_CITIZEN, -6290.437500 -7488.343750 })

To get the position, go into the map, go to where you want the spawn, and type in console


Then copy the position you get into the lua file.

Simple really :3: