DarkRP Drop money glitch

Everytime I die I drop money but in the darkrpmodifcation folder the dropmoneyupondeath is set to false and its also in the gamemode because i checked that aswell. I do not know what it is because I really don’t wanna remove every addon single by single to see whats happening and I just need a line of code or a strip that tells the server that upon death dont dropmoney. Can anyone write it and tell me where to put it in my server files? I just need an easy fix. Give me suggestions if you think that I didn’t edit anything correctly. If you need all the addons of the server or a pastebin of the settings , please comment so

Just remove addons in bulk and narrow it down.

As mentioned, remove multiple addons at a time, when its fixed, start adding ones back from the bulk you removed one at a time until the issue pops back up.

If the money is green instead of red, change the ARCBank config by entering “arbank admin_gui”