DarkRP: Dropping Money Problem

I am on the most current DarkRP and ever since I’ve updated I cannot drop money. Here is a picture of the error: http://i.imgur.com/teyLVMu.png

I can only do /give but not /dropmoney.

Here is sv_money.lua line 43:

function DarkRP.createMoneyBag(pos, amount)
43: local moneybag = ents.Create(GAMEMODE.Config.MoneyClass)
moneybag:Setamount(math.Min(amount, 2147483647))
if GAMEMODE.Config.moneyRemoveTime and GAMEMODE.Config.moneyRemoveTime ~= 0 then
timer.Create(“RemoveEnt”…moneybag:EntIndex(), GAMEMODE.Config.moneyRemoveTime, 1, fn.Partial(SafeRemoveEntity, moneybag))
return moneybag

Thank You! :smiley:

Please use [lua] tags for the code.

GAMEMODE.Config.MoneyClass isn’t returning anything.

How did you update your DarkRP exactly and was this a completely new installation, not some sort of sketchy overwrite of your old DarkRP folder.

I’m having the same problem

Can someone please help me.

Everything inside that folder was not changed, the only things changed were jobrelated, addentities, config, and ammotypes into the new folder. Everything else is unchanged and completely new.

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When updating new config settings may be added. Replacing the new file with your custom one will break things as the new configs are now missing. This is one of the reasons why you should be using the DarkRPModification addon. Otherwise, add what is missing yourself.