DarkRP Drug Dealer With Growing Plant and Seed

Im looking for somone to code me a few things:

NPC Drug Dealer that

Sells you a weed seed.

And He can buy weed from you for like 50$ a bag of weed.

Another NPC that sells you a Pot.


A growing Weed plant. that works with the Weed Seed ^^ and the Pot ^^

If anyone is intrested you can contact me:

[release]** Contact Me**

Steam Username: Halo2mods

Email: BananasRP@gmail.com[/release]

** Amount I Will Pay:**

10 to 30 US$

I honestly believe that you won’t pay anything.

12 year olds have no money


You constantly try getting custom mods from people, trying to make your server “unique”. I would just stop.

Anyway there is a LUA Hire thread in LUA Scripting forums.