DarkRP drug shipements not working please help!

On my server durgz mod is installed. I tried different capitallization for my shipement and i tried to use just one shipment. Im trying to get it so only bartendor can buy beer an this is my code AddCustomShipment(“Alcohol”, “models/drug_mod/alcohol_can.mdl”, “durgz_alcohol”, 450, 10, true, 50, false, {TEAM_BARTENDOR, TEAM_ADMIN}) oh and admin class. The shipment can only be bought buy these classes but all other classes can buy singles beers and i dont want thank. I also tried to enable and disable /buypistol. If you could please help me that would be great. PS my server is hosted by Xenon

all the stuff in my addons folder is : assmod ,bank_computer, counterstrike ,css realistic weapons ,daf, darkrp class maker, day of defeat ,default sent pack, derma, doorstool, durgzmod ,easyprecision ,hl2 ,ep2 ,keypad ,keypad craker, pcmod2 ,player possessor ,portal ,stacker ,doorstool, tf2, ulib ,ulx ,updated connas tools ,zeno clash
computer amd athlon ™ XP 2000+ 1.67 GHz. 1.25 GB of RAM

yes i know my computer sucks but that has nothing to doo with my server and btw i am getting a new pc