DarkRP DUAL QUESTION! Error Messages + 16MB map size limit.

Question #1:
So Im having a problem, so i just made a DarkRP server, but when I run it with a map that I downloaded (Downtown v4) or any other “larger maps” it tells people joining that their map and my map differs and when I look in the server console on my desktop it says that the map excedes the 16MB size limit. So is there a way to raise this limit? If so please tell me.

Question #2:
Whenever someone plays my server they get repetative error messages. They are yellow and pop up on the side of the screen. It doesnt seem to effect gameplay its just annoying. So is there a way I can disable the on screen message? Or possibly fix the error? Here is a pic of it: http://i47.tinypic.com/oarc47.png

net_maxfilesize 64

you’re best off setting up a fastdl by HTTP from an outside source- it’ll just take too long to dl from the server because it’s capped

Do i just type: “net_maxfilesize 64” in the server’s console?