DarkRP Edit error making gameplay impossible

Alright, So I’m just trying to modify dark rp just to increase my lua abilities and so I can get somewhat of a grasp on lua. So anyway, after spending some time adding new classes and shipments and what not, I get the game up and running and I press the f4 button and I get this error.

[lua]DarkRp\gamemode\showteamtabs.lua:437: bad argument #1 to ‘ipairs’ (table expected, got nil)[/lua]

I can’t figure why it’s doing that or what the fix would be, If anybody could help I would be grateful.

Maybe you didn’t add it to the team’s tab of that game-mode? I don’t know.

This is what line 437 reads and the rest of the function(I think) in the showteamtabs.lua thing.

	[lua]for k,v in ipairs(RPExtraTeams) do
		if LocalPlayer():Team() ~= k then
			local nodude = true
			if v.admin == 1 and not LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() then
				nodude = false
			if v.admin > 1 and not LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin() then
				nodude = false
			if (type(v.NeedToChangeFrom) == "number" and LocalPlayer():Team() ~= v.NeedToChangeFrom) or (type(v.NeedToChangeFrom) == "table" and not table.HasValue(v.NeedToChangeFrom, LocalPlayer():Team())) then
				nodude = false
			if nodude then
				local weps = "no extra weapons"
				if #v.Weapons > 0 then
					weps = table.concat(v.Weapons, "

if v.Vote then
local condition = ((v.admin == 0 and LocalPlayer():IsAdmin()) or (v.admin == 1 and LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin()) or LocalPlayer():GetNWBool(“Priv”…v.command))
AddIcon(v.model, v.name, v.Des, weps, “/vote”…v.command, condition, “/”…v.command)
AddIcon(v.model, v.name, v.Des, weps, “/”…v.command)

Function thing…

Just for the record, Do you have the latest SVN?

it seems you broke the file RPExtraTeams is defined in.

How do I fix it D:?

Update your svn, And put the teams and weapons back in.

Fixed, Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: