DarkRP Edit (French Version)

( English Version )

**********************NEW VERSION

Hi I will present the new Darkrp (QuebecRP) in french by Qc player

Pictures :
http://img200.imageshack.us /img200/3135/image1pny.th.jpg



The official Server :

Updates/Mise à jours

New server 24/7 / Nouveau serveur 24/7

Wow, a gamemode I can learn french from O.o

Even though it is DarkRP.

There was enough DarkRP shit in the world already. :bang:

Like there are enough idiots like you on this forum.

This is nice now gmod can be bilingual. :smiley:

This is actually a nice release for our French users.
I have just rated you useful.

Nice job I see quite a few of french dark rp servers actually this is definitely a plus for our french gamers.

Is it really important for you guys to translate this shit?

Just get over with it and play the english version, no wonder France and Germany has few people that understands english.

Shoopi, people are allowed to speak their native language (as long as it is on a server for their country, it gets shit hard to keep track of foreign players), it is not against the law, and if you say “BAWW ENLUSHr moar SPooke! They sud spak enlush” Then you are wrong, various forms of Mandarin are more spoken than English, and the majority wins right? So we would all have to learn Mandarin, not fun. it’s good they translated it, as it allows the french players to play easier, and with less shit in the form of mis-translation.

I agree hexpunK, I hope he continues translating it, it will help the french!

I was going to create a Spanish version of DarkRP but it was too much work so I have a different idea for how to solve the native language issue in my next game.

Is this going to be somewhere along the lines of an external language file? (eg, lang/en.lua, lang/fr.lua, lang/sp.lua, etc).

Sa y est ! Enfin ! Un script Français sur un forum Anglais ! :smiley:

Sorry, I can’t translate it in English, I have to learn more to translate this…

“There it is, finally, a french script on an english forum! :D”

L’anglais n’est pas dificile, Loucouss. Pour moi c’est plus facille que la Français.


English is not difficult, Loucouss. For me it’s more that the French facille.

Google traduction est merdique.

Je sais dun anglaise, mais cela devrait les aider beaucoup.

Falco, obtenir en ligne à la vapeur bitch i got bonnes nouvelles! Oneoneone

Edit: Oh Shi- Bump mah bad

Who made french D:

Aaaah, quelle bonne idée =)
je viendrai sûrement faire un tour sur le serv’

What’s wrong with the facts someone translate this ?
If a non-english guy make a script in his mother tongue, wouldn’t you be happy to get it translated in english ?

In 1539, ‘King Francis I’ made French the official language of administration and court proceedings in France.

sa serais mieux si sa serais pas rempli de fautes dortographe