DarkRP Enhancement Help

Okay. I know I ask quite a lot of questions in this section, but I would just like some help to make DarkRP better, and not as mingish as it is right now. I am running DarkRP 2.4.1, and I would like to know a few how-to things. Please provide me with a code, or how to guide on how to do these types of things using LUA coding. I do not use SQL.

  1. Make the jobs menu open up when you talk to (interact with) and NPC. And make the Jobs menu disabled in the F4 menu. (This will make it so that instant job switching is unavailable).

  2. Make an NPC that allows you to purchase property from (instead of purchasing doors) to prevent unneeded door owning in the event of a minge.

  3. How to incroporate VU mod with any vehicle.

  4. How to make an NPC you can buy and reclaim (after server crash) vehicles from.

I know this is a lot to ask for, and I should just hire a LUA coder for money. But I am not that rich, as I can barely afford the 30 person server I am running right now. Well, you do not have to answer all of these, just one would be fine, but anyone who can provide me with help towards all of these questions, well, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the support,
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Heres a tutorial on how to make a shop NPC ingame…

What your asking for requires alot of work. Its very possible thought…

Im sure someone would do it if you paided them to. Im currently working on my own NPC’s for a heavily modded DarkRP.


Use Spawn() and SetPos() to spawn and position NPC’s

Also you would have to use a SQL table for the cars. You would basically have the players ID and all the cars in a database and if the user buys the car, then have the value of true if they dont own the car have it false. Once in the server, have the NPC menu only let you spawn cars that have the value true. It would be a simple database and you can use the SQL tutorials from garrysmod.com to help you


The VU mod is pretty self explanitory. if you set it to a car then anyone who spawn that car will have that stuff.

The cars thing is not my main concern, my main concern is linking the F4 menu jobs to an NPC and making it so that you cannot access the jobs through the F4 menu.

Thats easy, you can delete it from the derma sheet. then make job commands a crazy word that nobody will guess making it impossible. get notepad++ its a coding program and use it to find where they make the job’s sheet.

Heres a example of a basic derma sheet menu

local PropertySheet = vgui.Create( “DPropertySheet” )
PropertySheet:SetParent( DermaPanel )
PropertySheet:SetPos( 5, 30 )
PropertySheet:SetSize( 340, 315 )

local SheetItemOne = vgui.Create( “DCheckBoxLabel” )
SheetItemOne:SetText( “Use Props?” )
SheetItemOne:SetConVar( “some_convar” )
SheetItemOne:SetValue( 1 )

local SheetItemTwo = vgui.Create( “DCheckBoxLabel” )
SheetItemTwo:SetText( “Use SENTs?” )
SheetItemTwo:SetConVar( “some_convar” )
SheetItemTwo:SetValue( 1 )

PropertySheet:AddSheet( “Some Menu”, SheetItemOne, “gui/silkicons/user”, false, false, “WOW It’s a text box!!!” )
PropertySheet:AddSheet( “Super Menu”, SheetItemTwo, “gui/silkicons/group”, false, false, “Can I haz meh cheezburger now?” )

all you would have to do is get rid of the AddSheet() that goes with the job menu

But how would I link it to one of the buttons in DermaDesign?

You cant really, i dont get what you mean. Just make each NPC have its own menu…