Darkrp Enties (Moneyprinter)

Hey Guys lol.
I world like to know how i can remove the player name of the money

inadvance Thanks

I’ve helped someone in the past with this, you can see the change to make in this thead.

Also, check 2 posts down to do the same thing to drugs and drug labs.

Please check for the solution before making new threads.

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This should be in either the DarkRP thread OR LUA Scripting -> Newbie Questions.

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Yes Nexusowner is awesome :wink:

lol it dident work i got the new Darkrp SVN so…

lol, Hi I put lol at the beginning of my posts and when I make threads, I fail to understand what releases means.

lol? haha


[lua]local TextWidth2 = surface.GetTextSize(owner)[/lua]
[lua]draw.WordBox(2, -TextWidth2*0.5, 18, owner, “HUDNumber5”, Color(140, 0, 0, 100), Color(255,255,255,255))[/lua]

Basically follow this technique for any other entity. Open up the entities cl_init.lua file, look for those lines, and delete them.

I haven’t tested this. It should work. If something does manage to go wrong, just redownload the file from the SVN.

okay thanks ill try it


It workt thanks


Argh i can’t equip anything.

And No i cant becoause i have modyfiet darkrp! ;s

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That’s my job you :argh:!