DarkRp Entites Problem

I just started a new server. The Semper Fi Darkrp server. I am trying to add class and cant get the drug dealer class to work right. Also, I dont know any way to code a donator class with out messing up ULX. Any thoughts on that as well?

Connection Info:

I have the shipments in the entity.lua file. Everything else will work but these drugs. Is something coded wrong?
AddCustomShipment(“Acid”, “models/smile/smile.mdl”, “durgz_lsd”, 10000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“Alcohol”, “models/drug_mod/alcohol_can.mdl”, “durgz_alcohol”, 1000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“asprin”, “models/jaanus/aspbtl.mdl”, “durgz_aspirin”, 5000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“cigarette”, “models/boxopencigshib.mdl”, “durgz_cigarette”, 2000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“cocaine”, “models/cocn.mdl”, “durgz_cocaine”, 30000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“heroine”, “models/katharsmodels/syringe_out/syringe_out.mdl”, “durgz_heroine”, 10000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“weed”, “models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl”, “durgz_weed”, 3000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“shrooms”, “models/ipha/mushroom_small.mdl”, “durgz_mushroom”, 4000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
AddCustomShipment(“water_bottle”, “models/drug_mod/the_bottle_of_water.mdl”, “durgz_water”, 2000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_DRUG})
Then this is the class in shared.lua
TEAM_drug = AddExtraTeam(“Drug Dealer”, Color(140,255,0,200), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[As a Drug Dealer you sell drug but dont get caught by the cp!
]], {}, “drug”, 1, 45, 0, false)


PM’ed you.

Variable names are case-sensitive. in your shared, name it TEAM_DRUG and not TEAM_drug

Try the DarkRP thread.

i think the Donator Class should be coded in player.lua , at least there is where my code is