DarkRP entities

Well I would really like any help that I can get. Currently I am hosting a serious DarkRP server and I get normally around 15 players, but I only made the server about a week ago. I was thinking that there aren’t any things similar to the money printer and would like some other contraband, with a similar function to the moneyprinter.

Such as a drug plant which produces money or can be sold for money by pressing E on it and pressing sell. There would also be a water fuction and people would need to water it for it to survive. There is already a suitable model from css for this.

Also a hostage tied to a chair. You could buy these from the entities menu and you would have to look after them for say 25 minutes without being discovered and you would get a payment of money. They will need feeding with food every so often or they will die aswell as them sometimes banging on the floor or shouting. You will then have to go to them and select regag from the menu or hit them lightly. Otherwise people will hear them and attempt to free them.

Any suggestions, advice or code would be greatly appreciated. From what I understand of LUA this should be achieveable. Thanks

Your hostage idea kinda scares me…

Lol, I guess that it could be seen as creepy. But I feel that it would be a good addittion to the money printer. Just with higher risks, as instead of it exploding it will make a lot of noise which others can hear and will be more obvious. Also it will be more expensive as you will have to buy food to feed the hostage. But this will of course lead to a higher reward.

Don’t you feel that there is a lack of criminal activities? I have been playing DarkRP 24/7 for the past month and that is the only thing which I Feel that the game lacks. Sure you can take hostages, rob people and get money printers but that isn’t enough after a while. The gangsters feel like they have something missing. However if there were hostages you could go to a mob boss and tell them that you want some work and he can arrange for you to get some hostages delivered to you. He then gets a perentage of your profits taken directly from you and everyones happy. With several more additions to the black market and gangsters I am sure that crime will feel more worthwhile aswell as the cops as they will be needed more than ever to fight crime.
This would add a more intricate level of depth to DarkRP with a more lucrative black market system and more opportunities in the game. This could then open the game up for even more additions such as rewards for Cops freeing so many hostages, such as if you free 15 hostages you get a slight move speed increase as a cop. Or if you succesfully sell 15 hostages you would gain the ability to have more than one hostage at a time. You could even add title systems which are associated with each achievement.