DarkRP Entities

I have searched everywhere possibly for; Growing drug plants which you water until they are level 5 and you can then sell it for x5 the price you paid for it.(<- Not the one with a seed that is on garrysmod.org/downloads), golden money printers who wont break etc for DarkRP. It’s lame with just one money printer.

Are these entities customly created by the server owners? If so, can someone create a similar thing free?
Thanks in advance.

They are made by the server developers.

You could pay someone on here for something like what you want.

Aren’t there anyone doing this for free? I mean, it’s already been done, so they can’t claim ownership on it anyway.

I didnt say they could claim ownership.

They made it for their server, the code is private. If you want it get someone to make it or learn lua.

Dont want to spend cash? Then this board aint for you.

How come? This thread is made for requests, so I thought without payment, since they have one for this here; http://www.facepunch.com/threads/978595-Lua-Scripter-Hire-Recruitment-Thread-V1

Anyways, reply to this thread if you know anyone who can make this for free or help me make it.