DarkRP Entity Help

I have this entity that i have found on the workshop that is like a piano. The only problem i have is that the entity that spawns from the F4 menu is spawned as a “world” prop instead of a “PlayerNameHere” prop and the player cannot pick it up with their physguns for this reason. I have tried to figure this out for the longest time and its driving me insane. These are the codes i have tried and here is the link to the workshop addon.

function ENT:PhysgunPickup(ply, ent)
	return IsValid(ent) and ply == ent:Getowning_ent()


function ENTITY:PhysgunPickup(ply, ent)
  return ent:CPPIGetOwner() == ply


return ent:CPPICanPhysgun(ply) 

I have tried all of these one by one and have restarted the server afterwards as well still get nothing from it. I want them to be able to spawn the entity from the F4 menu and be able to pick it up and freeze it where they like with the physgun.

This code doesn’t make sense. Can you link to the addon?

I think he’s just showing different code he tried

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104548572 <- Sorry forgot to link it