DarkRP Entity Issue

Hello, i’m new here to Facepunch. Anyways, I’ve ran my DarkRP server for about 2 months now, and ever since the beginning I have been having this issue regarding entities. On my server, a printer for example, you can buy 2 of them at a time.(IE: Press F4 To buy 2 Gold Printers, if you try to buy more you can’t as you reached the limit.) My issue that i’m experiencing is that not only with just printers, but any entity, consumable or not, if you buy the entity, and let’s say it gets used(IE: You take a drug you bought and it disappears.), even after the entity has dissapeared or been destroyed, you still can’t spawn another one. More specifically, my users will buy 2 printers, and they will get raided, and both printers will blow up. After trying to buy another one, it will say “You have reached the /buyENTITYNAMEHERE limit!”. This is is really bothering me and my players, as it doesn’t happen on any other servers. I’ve searched all around Google, and the one thread containing the same issue was never replied to. I hope to have a resolution to this problem soon, and would really appreciate any input. Thank you for your time, -Nick

Did you find a solution to this problem, I am having the same problem