[DarkRP] Entitys as Shipments

Because nobody answered my thread on the darkrp forum, I’ll ask here:
I have an entity (money printer batterys) purchasable in the entitys tab in F4.
My question is wether I can make a shipment for this entity. If it is possible, how can I do it?
I tried just with the same way as with weapons and I can purchase the shipment then, but I can’t use the money printer batterys afterwards.

THis seems to be impossible then?

Try this:

 DarkRP.createShipment("Money Printer Batterys", {
	model = "<Insert Model here>",
	entity = "<Insert Entity name here>",
	price = 215,
	amount = 10,
	separate = false,
	pricesep = 215,
	noship = true,
	allowed = {TEAM_GUN},
	category = "Pistols",

I tried this, but that is causing the batterys to not work afterwards.

Well that is the only real way to make a shipment in darkrp, sorry

Hmm, I think this is impossible then. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: