DarkRP error/bug?

So last night our server crashed… The problem is this: When anyone including owner, etc joines the server and they have sent client info etc… Their game just crashes and closes… Ive tried reinstalling addons, DarkRP etc… The only way people can join the server is basically if we turn the game mode over to sandbox which we obviously do not want… Does anyone have any suggestions? Keep in mind that i’m very well known with lua, and server to start with som im not some kind of noob here, atm we are going to reinstall the entire server and see if that helps… We do have a backup before the crash but we cannot get it until a couple of days and that will of course ruin the server for a lot of our players, as most of you know time is money… Please answer quickly :slight_smile:

What did you change before the crash?
Addon list?
Crash/console log?

You must give us something we can use to determine the problem.

Like Nak said we need more info.
Possibly memory dump from gmod folder.