Darkrp error on line -1

[ERROR] A runtime error has occurred in “your jobs” on line -1.
The best help I can give you is this:

The category of “rapist” ("") does not exist!

- Make sure the category is created with DarkRP.createCategory.
- The category name is case sensitive!
- Categories must be created before DarkRP finished loading.

The responsibility for this error lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:
your jobs

This is my job

TEAM_RAPIST = DarkRP.createJob(“rapist”, {
color = Color(21, 149, 230, 255),
model = {“models/player/charple.mdl”},
description = [[You better watch out…or your ass will be hurting]],
weapons = {weapon_arc_atmcard,weapon_rape,keys,pocket,},
command = “rapist”,
max = 3,
salary = 50,
admin = 0,
vote = false,
hasLicense = true,
candemote = true,
– CustomCheck
medic = false,
chief = false,
mayor = false,
hobo = false,
cook = false,
category = “”,

What is category? I’ve never seen that key before.

I downloaded it from Github…

Your weapons line should look like this:
weapons = {“weapon_arc_atmcard”,“weapon_rape”,“keys”,“pocket”},