DarkRP Errors lua

Hi. I have a server using DarkRP, it has a few extra jobs. drugz mod and css realistic gun 4.0. some addons and generally works well. but tonight it failed about 4 - 5 times.

Here’s some Errors me and my hoster found

DataTable warning: player: Out-of-range vlue <297.113770> in SendPropFloat ‘m_angEyeAngles[0]’ clamping
this was being spammed about 100 times a second and made the server amazingly hard to play on.

[@gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stools\duplicator.lua:436] bad argument #1 to ‘?’ (Angle expected, got nil)

[weapons\keypad_cracker\shared.lua:96] attempt to call method ‘ConCommand’ (a nil value)
it was happening at line 96 in the lua but i completely removed keypad cracker so this wont be happening.

[@lua\includes\extensions able.lua:103] bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
this happened when the cps try to unlock the cp doors. it just gives us this error.

css realistic weapons 4.0\lua\weapons\weapon_real_cs_pumpshotgun\shared.lua:366] attempt to call method ‘GetAimVector’ <a nil value>
happens when firing the auto shot gun

[addons\stargate\lua\stargate\shared\lib.lua:35] attempt to index upvalue ‘s’ (a number value)(Hook: HUDPaint)
I removed stargate when i found this tho.

Models/props_c17/canister02a.mdl (2) at “coords” contact with some furnature tihngy
My server just gave up and crashed when this came up. my host started to write it out but obviously he trailed off a bit. lol.

so yea. if anyone has any info on any o these errors that would be great cause atm its pissing me off

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