DarkRP Errors.

Hey, I am getting this error when i use “rp_voiceradius 1”
Hook ‘RPGetRecipients’ Failed: [DarkRP\gamemode\cl_init.lua:818] attempt to index local ‘talker’ (a nil value)

And it works when i am using “rp_voiceradius 0”(It doesnt come error.)

Anybody knows what the problem is?


Reinstall Darkrp. The mass flurry of gay coding and clusters of messy, fucked up lua is enough to give anyone a headache trying to solve this out.

When you reinstalled it did you delete the old DarkRP first? I’m not too much of a fan of DarkRp Ive been hosting it on my own server and it’s only caused me more trouble :S With that out there what version are you using?