DarkRP Events not being triggered on death

On my server when someone dies events required aren’t triggered for example when the mayor dies he isn’t demoted even with the addon. Hitman doesn’t finish the contract after killing his target and the bank robbery keeps going on after the bank robber has died

Do you get any errors on the server or the client at any time?
Also… You should probably ask this question on the DarkRP forums.

I get no errors at all, I’ve already asked this questions on the DarkRP Forums and got no replies

To me it sounds like a corrupted config, savefile or gamemode.

  1. Try to reinstall the gamemode.

  2. Check all configs for typos or replace the config files with fresh ones.

  3. Temporarily move all your DarkRP savefiles and restart your server to see if it error still exists. (If it doesn’t, the error probably is a corrupted savefile.)

  4. Remove the savefile or open it and try to find the error.