Darkrp: Everyone can see eachother's names through Walls/Props

Hi, recently I’ve encountered a problem in my DarkRP server where people can see eachother’s names through walls or various props. It’s very annoying for raiding and people have been complaining about it. I’ve googled the situation and no relevant answers came up. However, I checked the F4 menu and disabled the names above the head and job names above the head, but it just completely takes the names away. I just want people to see their rp names and job names but not through walls. It’s like a legal wallhacks.

Turn rp_globaltags to 0.
So, simply type:
“rp_globaltags 0”, without quotation marks.

Thank you:)

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I recently tried that but it still didn’t work, I even did it in the f4 menu.

Did you run the rp_globaltags 0 on the server not client?

I did it in both, and even the f4 menu:(