DarkRP F4 (gm_showspare2) Menu doesn't pop-up.

Before you start ranting about how DarkRP is a shitty gamemode, it’s not necessarily the gamemode, more the players. Besides the fact, I’m adding it because some of my players like to RP and I feel it could help expand my community.
I’ve installed DarkRP numerous times, but I’m completely confused on this issue.
My F4 menu simply doesn’t work for any players.
When pressed F4, or typed into console “gm_showspare2” it doesn’t open a menu at all.
No errors show up in console.

What I’ve tried:
Server Reboot
Removal of all addons
Re-installed GM fresh
Re-installed the server
Installed DarkRP 2.4.3 instead of 2.5.0

I’m running Linux on Fedora 17 with 2 other servers running without issues.

Thanks for your help.

I’m able to see the HUD and Scoreboard, so I don’t think it’s a problem with initializing the clientside files (because it’s one single file that calls them all)


Assuming your talking about the hook function. Then ShowSpare2 was removed. One way to get around this is to do this,

hook.Add(“Think”, “ShowMenu”, function( )
if input.IsKeyDown(KEY_F4) then

Nothing was removed.

So weird couldn’t find any article on gmod wiki or any trace on sams lua search.


Because you are blind.

And btw, if you can’t find it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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( I do agree search on wiki sucks )

I was just going to say, showspare2 wasn’t removed, otherwise no gamemodes would really be working. (TTT, AS:S, Other DRP Servers, etc)
And I’m not looking for a workaround, or else I’d already have done that. I’m looking to properly fix the issue.

Not familiar with DarkRP code, so forgive me.
Could it be an issue with Linux? I know you said you ran other servers without conflict,
however in my experience with linux I’ve seen some crazy shit.

It also appears as if you’ve taken all the right troubleshooting steps for your server.

Try and move your code from this server onto another, and give that a shot.

If no other more suggestions come up, I’d recommend updating your linux build.

All the servers are the same by default. I setup my servers similarly to TCAdmin. It’s a zip file with the server defaults on everything. No addons, no maps, just CS:S Mounted by default, and all servers are mounted to a shared CS:S folder.
Then I just add the content. So that wouldn’t do anything. Besides the fact I’ve fresh-installed a server using SteamCMD.