DarkRP F4 Menu Admin Settings

Why is it that every time i change the setting on the DarkRP F4 menu they always go back to default on restart? I tried reinstalling it, but it still was happening.

If you want the changes to stick, you have to edit the config files themselves. I believe that there are plenty of guides on facepunch regarding just that matter.

I don’t remember exactly what files to edit myself, I haven’t touched DarkRP code in ages.

Well, this just started to happen when i reinstalled the darkrp again, i had it installed but needed to reinstalled it, and it worked fine then, now this stuff happens were the settings done stay the same.

Are you running the latest SVN version? Falco recently made a large change to the way settings are stored on DarkRP. Make sure that DarkRP is up to the latest revision, and if you are still facing issues, post about this problem in the DarkRP thread, or the Google Code issues page.

Yeah its still doing it.