(DarkRP) F4 Menu Lag?

I believe that this is due to the recent Source Engine update and or the patch. Everytime I press F4, it lags for 3-5 seconds and then opens up the window. I went to other servers and it’s the same case. Anyone else getting this?

I am too

I mainly only get lag while browsing though the list of maps.

I’ve noticed the issue as well, not with DarkRP so to speak, but any derma panel in general. Opening certain tool menus, or anything along those lines will lock my client up for several seconds, seems GMod has been a bit sluggish ever since the update.

Aye, I’ve noticed this as well.

ye i have same problem.

It is enough for me to press Q for spawnmenu, whole Gmod lags and unfreezes after like thirty seconds. This should be fixed ASAP :((

mines only pausing for a few seconds, let me jump on a blank sandbox server and see if it’s the same.

It is same for me. I recommend renaming this thread so we get chance garry even looks into this. I suggest name “Derma panels extremely slow”.

this problem is present in the maps screen, and the spawnmenu

Same problem when I open my evolve menu

Yup still got the problem. I guess he said he didn’t test the update much so it was probably due to the source update?

same problem with EVERYTHING, it’s so annoying! All the game slows down when I play

It’s definitely an issue with the hotfix released on Friday and is probably affecting derma panels in general, hopefully garry will sort it out on Monday.

This is sort of the same topic, so I’ll put this here.

If you’re experiencing lag with the old DarkRP scoreboard, then you just have to comment out anything that deals with the wanted status in the scoreboard.

Think it’s DImages that are causing the problem with it, but I’m not certain.

Cuz garrys stupid update raped everything.

Derma was fucked by garry’s rushed fix. anything that uses derma nodes is affected.

derma nodes?

As TheDivinity said, if it’s the old traditional DarkRP scoreboard then it’s only where it loads the wanted icon that it creates the lag.

However, other derma is lagging rather badly as well. I’m not sure why, I’ve not looked into it.

Ok I looked into this, it has nothing to do with derma - it’s when calling Material( blah ) (which DImagePanel does on loading). I have fixed it in the next update - out Monday.