DarkRP f4 menu lag

After the steam update a couple days ago my f4 DarkRP menu lags for a couple second before it opens when you press f4 in my server. Some other menus and stuff lag too, but only slightly. It also lags for all my players in the server too. I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else too? The steam update also broke my servers motd. Any feedback on the subject would be nice. Thanks guys.

I seriously start to think people is trolling us with these.

scoreboard also lags

Here’s a nice copy and paste job from my other post.

If you’re experiencing lag with the old DarkRP scoreboard, then you just have to comment out anything that deals with the wanted status in the scoreboard.

Garry confirmed that’ll be fixed on monday.


Or everyone is switching back to ShitScript.

This is why DarkRP is bad. :v: