DarkRP F4 Menu

I’m having a minor issue with my DarkRP F4 Menu. I’ve noticed for other servers, the F4 Mrnu is made to where if you are not a donator or you just plain out don’t have access to a job or don’t have access to purchase an entity, it’s greyed out. You’re able to see the objects and jobs in the F4 Menu greyed out, but you can’t click it. I wanted to know how I could set my server up to do the same. Right now my server is set to where if I can’t access a job or entity in the F4 Menu, it doesn’t show at all.

theres a setting in the darkrpmodification addon, in the settings.lua file wich toggles greying out or directly removing. Please dont do VIP jobs, its shit.

VIP Jobs are only shit when they are pay to win, if for example it only gives a different model(s) then people shouldn’t care.

jobs having specific models in the first place is stupid(with some exceptions)

Thank you, do you know what the setting is called? I didnt plan on doing any pay to win vip jobs, but it also directly effect job related entities being greyed out as well rather than not appearing at all unless you are the job.

Thank you much!

i noticed some servers theres jobs for specific people, and to do that you have to pay a certain amount of money, and you get to choose your playermodel and your weapons and shit, so thats kind of pay to win i guess