DarkRP F4 Menu?

Hi, I am wanting to make a custom F4 memu for my server but im not sure how to do it. How do I list the jobs on my menu in order like a table, how do I show the faces on my menu, and how do I show the salary and such. If someone can point me out a direction for this, that would be great. Thanks

You can list the jobs on your menu in order by using a for loop through the table RPExtraTeams. You can sort it by job category using an if statement.

To show “faces”, use


To show salary, get the salary of the job as you go through it with the for loop with job.salary. To get possible models for the job, do job.model. The job.model can return either a table or a string depending on whether there are multiple models or one model for the job.

Some other useful things:

And use the wiki to find certain vgui elements. It’ll be much faster than asking here when it just takes a little bit of time to find the right vgui element.

what i do when im going into something i dont quite understand fully is look for what is already made like the DarkRP default f4 menu and i edit off of that, then I can move to making a full custom one.

Then just look at the default DarkRP F4 Menu? And use the modification addon?