DarkRP F4 Menu!

I just installed the DarkRP SVN version and right when I pressed F4 it shows like the money printer up in the top left corner and the shipments are gone for the gundealer and I checked all the settings and they are fine.
This is what it looks like:


Please help. If there is a forum like this then please tell me.

You need to review you addEntities file, somewhere in that file there is incorrect syntax that is the cause of your problem.

I had this problem too, when I played on a friends DarkRP server. It fixed mine to install the SVN of DarkRP.

I just reinstalled darkrp on my server and it still shows that. So it must be an addon?

Could be the problem too.
We did a complete cleaning, cause there was alot of dump on my server.

I figured out the problem… It was the gunlab. If you disable any lab or microwave then it would show that up there.