DarkRP FA:S 2 Weapons Spawn With Too Much Ammo

Title says it all, i can’t seem to make weapons spawn with only 2 mags :confused: it spawns with these ridiculous 300 400 bullets!

DarkRP.createShipment(“Ak-47 Shipment”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl”, – The model of the item that hovers above the shipment
entity = “fas2_ak47”, – the entity that comes out of the shipment
price = 3500, – the price of one shipment
amount = 5, – how many of the item go in one purchased shipment
separate = false, – whether the item is sold separately (usually used for guns)
pricesep = 100, – the price of a separately sold item
noship = false, – whether this item has a shipment
allowed = {TEAM_GUN}, – OPTIONAL, which teams are allowed to buy this shipment/separate gun
shipmodel = “models/items/item_item_crate.mdl”, – OPTIONAL, the model of the shipment (this crate is the default)
customCheck = function(ply) return ply:Frags() < 10 end, – OPTIONAL, extra conditions before people can purchase the shipment or separate item
weight = 15, – OPTIONAL, the weight of the shipment. The default is the weight of the shipment
spareammo = 30, – OPTIONAL, Add ammo to the default amount of ammo for every weapon
clip1 = 30, – OPTIONAL, The amount of bullets in the primary clip by default
clip2 = 30, – OPTIONAL, The amount of bullets in the secondary clip by default



Just set the sweps primary and reserve ammo to 0.

Is that within the swep shared itself? or on here

You don’t have to do it within the swep but if you really want to you can. You can set it externally.

I set it externally and look what happened!

What happened? And if whatever happened then just change the SWEP default ammo in the shared.lua.