DarkRP FA:S shipments

I got the FA:S weapons pack for my DarkRP server, but it seems that it has no world models, so I decided to use the CS:S realistic ones but they don’t work because there’s an error showing “corrupt model”.
I’m running my server on SteamCMD and I extracted the CS:S realistic guns addon into my server’s garrysmod/addons.

So I would really ask you to help me with this issue, I’d be really grateful. Here’s the code for my shipments:

you need the extension .mdl at the end

I added .mdl and now instead of the weapon model hovering over the shipment, there’s a big ERROR. I have CS:S mounted and I have CS:S on my Gmod.

You need the model path aswell.

I can’t find the path anywhere, I also tried adding models/weapons before the name of the model, but nothing helped me.
Do you know where I could get the models?

If you can’t find it (for some reason) you can always open up the weapon’s lua file and read the weapons’ model from SWEP.ViewModel & SWEP.WorldModel

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Also you said you tried “adding models/weapons” to the beginning? If you haven’t already, extract the gma and read the file paths. Iirc right clicking the weapon in the q menu just gives it’s class name, not the model path.

I added the model from the shared.lua file and now it works perfectly.

Thank you all so much for your help!
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