Darkrp Fadmin Problem

I just started making this server havent added anything that conflicts with fadmin except for ulx and i took that out started the server and i still cant get in the superadmin group on fadmin i tried all the commands it doesnt do anything anyone know a fix?

Are you sure your DarkRP installation is up to date?

redownloaded both to make sure also

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i even tried just darkrp and the modification

still it messed up

Perhaps we can find a workaround for what you need FAdmin for.

What is the main purpose you need FAdmin?

scoreboard and the commands easy access

What commands did you run to try and give yourself access? Did it say it succeeded or are you still not superadmin?

As an aside, I didn’t think ulx conflicted with FAdmin. It isn’t on my installation anyways. I made myself superadmin with ulx/ulib and FAdmin respects that.

Disable FAdmin in disabled defaults… Does more harm than good.