[DarkRP] Fast question.

Hello, i want to make a custom F1 menu but where can i delete/disable the old one?

Go to line 111 in gamemode_functions and remove the

	umsg.Start("ChangeJobVGUI", ply)

Hmm, it was not F4 i was looking for (It was F1).

But thanks

Oh right, mistaken, everybody asks for F4 when it’s about DarkRP.

You can find that one at line 734:
[lua]function GM:ShowHelp(ply)
umsg.Start(“ToggleHelp”, ply)

Thanks Works Now!

Omg now the Gmod School show up how can i disable/remove that? please!

Yeah just remove the umsg.Start -> umsg.End() part, don’t remove the function.


hello i want to do the same thing. but i cant find out what file this is in. and where the file is located?

could anyone write down the directory for the file and what it is named?

Don’t fucking edit DarkRP core files. Go in addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp-config/disabled_defaults.lua and change 28 line from “[“f1menu”] = true,” to “[“f1menu”] = false,”. You can do the same with F4 menu. It disables F1 menu module that it will not work.

thanks a lot<333