DarkRP FastDL Help please

Hey guys, here’s my current error code. I’ve tried all sorts to get fastDL for my DarkRP server working and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? I will try everything. This is the only block of blue text out the whole start up and beyond so I assume it is the only error too.

Seems like you did resource.AddFile or resource.AddSingleFile instead of resource.AddWorkshop

Here is the WHOLE of my workshop lua file located in “C:\GMOD\garrysmod\lua\autorun\server”

This is just for a single item in my collection which is some Watchdogs hacker, I’m just adding this for now to see if the fastdl works, which so far does not.

Could it be that you have resource with a capital R?

Yes, that is an issue, LUA is cap sensitive.

Ye. that is the issue

@Prefound - you have to use
workshopid being…the workshop id. :v:

If I remeber properly that’s not the format of workshop. It’s like this: in your case it would be:

I did just say that. v.v

Lol, but the workshop id goes between comas and those comas are separated with a space between the parenthesis

The spaces are optional for all functions. For resource.AddWorkshop only, the inverted commas are optional as the function takes both string and number input.

Yep, all fixed.
Thanks guys!

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