in DarkRp SVN theres this annoying thing called FPP which is a prop spamming thing, so i want to disable it, does anyone know how?

Why would you want to disable it? It helps to keep lagg down, and effectively prevents spammers.
To remove it, try going to “gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/fpp/server/”. Delete “FPP_Antispam” and then pray that removing it doesn’t cause any errors.

He’d want to disable it because it’s annoying as fuck.:eng101:

How is it annoying? It turns your props into ghosts. All you need to do to fix it is to touch them once with your physgun.

well, im not using it for actual servers, just testing DarkRp shit, and wow NightmareXx is pretty close to Nightmare32X, and im not implying that you copied me, its just kinda cool

Well, if anyone, you copied him because he joined first. I’m not saying you did though.