Darkrp Gamemode download

Hello I am new to FacePunch and I need help finding an updated gamemode of Darkrp for Gmod 13 because I tried to download it thourgh svn and failed so please give me a link or tutorial if you may.

You can click the .zip button to download it.

should this be in the gamemodes section?

that’s for releases, this should be in help and support if you want to get technical

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or the DarkRP thread

hey can you help me get it working like i have it in my gamemodes but it wont show up on Gmod itself as a gamemode like i cant make my server DarkRP


You need to rename the folder to darkrp then make a file called autoexec.cfg in your garrysmod/cfg folder.

Put this into the autoexec config file;

gamemode "darkrp"

Ok when i try to change gamemode DarkRP it says not found please help somone

Make sure that the .txt file is correctly labeled DarkRP as well as the content inside of that file.

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