DarkRP - Gravity gun doesn't work

On my DarkRP server my gravity gun doesn’t seem to want to pick up the headcrab pill i added to the buy menu. I’ve disabled gravity gun protection in the prop protection but it still doesn’t want to work. Ive found it also doesn’t work with the cocaine in durgzmod. Any help would be appreciated?

Some items can’t be picked up with the gravgun, try picking up a can.

pop cans? i can pick them up. These are the only two things that i’ve stumbled across that i cant pick up, phys gun works on them and can be changed in the prop protection settings. I’m starting to think it may have something to do with it being slightly faulty.

Too heavy for gravgun.

Anyway of setting its weight?

Nope, it’s faulty code in the props.

alright, thanks. Model change it is.

No probs