DarkRP guns dont have crosshairs or shoot

My DarkRP guns dont shoot unless i click bot mouse buttons and dont have crosshairs. can someone help?

Wrong category.

i just need some help and idk where else to go so dont criticise me

They’re not supposed to have crosshairs and they only shoot when you have ironsights on (The right mouse button, I presume)

If I remember correctly, that is!

the iron sights wont come up

Ironsights is when you puch the right mouse button, this causes the gun to go into this mode, moving the gun to the centre of the screen, with the camera looking through the “Ironsights”. In DarkRp, you can only fire while your gun is in said “Ironsights” mode.

Its because your using the default weapon_. They are build to do that. You gotta install custom weapons for it to be normal. I use cs:s realistc weapons.

Ask in the DarkRP thread, we don’t like DarkRP.

Actually, DarkRP uses custom SWEPs, you can switch over to the default ones by removing the 2 at the end where you find the SWEPS (teams, shipments, etc). For example, DarkRP’s MP5 uses the custom weapon_mp52 SWEP while the default SWEP is weapon_mp5.


And you can speak for everyone who reads the roleplaying section? That may be your opinion about DarkRP, but don’t feel you can speak for everyone else unless you know for a fact that they will agree with you.

Well… Anyways, thank you for your helpful input on the problem, I’m sure that you really gave him some good advice to help him out with the problem he is facing.

Yea the svn version weps of darkrp don’t change position like they should when you right click. I say install some other guns