DarkRP Guns/Weapons Bug/Glitch

Alright, so as in all DarkRP gamemodes there’s usually a Gun Dealer who sells guns. Well for our server we have such a person as one would expect. However, this is where our little problem arises. After some time, the Gun Dealers cannot click on the Shipments/Weapons F4 Tabs to buy guns and stuff (it’s greyed out). The time is random, and is noted to happen after they die a few times. There is no way to solve this problem unless the user relogs. This is quite annoying for most players and generally a hassle as our server fills up quickly and there is no garuntee that they’ll be able to rejoin. The code for the jobs are correct, as well as the gun shipments. They are able to buy guns…just not for very long. I’ve never seen this problem in any other server so I have no clue what’s wrong. (We’re using M9K Weapons btw)

Thanks in advance.

Did you happen to edit any of the DarkRP core files?

No, I haven’t touched the darkrp folder in gamemodes. I make all my changes with the DarkRP Modification Addon.