darkrp help [Attempted to create unknown entity]

i’m trying to setup a dedicated server on a linux server box, however when i load the darkrp gamemode, i get an error when i try to use the f4 spawn menu to buy weapons, money-printers and ammo and the entities do not spawn . The ammo buttons work and it takes the money but it spawns no ammo box on the floor. also if i change to police i get errors for the door ram, USP and pretty much all the darkrp sweps.

here is the the server log containing the error http://pastebin.com/p1bpjz0B.

it might be that i overlooked something and its just a simple fix,
thank you for your time.

i am not 100% positive that this is the correct section, so sorry.

Reinstall your DarkRP gamemode from the GitHub.

that fixed it, thank you for your help.