DarkRP help making server

I already tried 10 times to make a gmod DarkRP server.
I can make the gmod part but the darkrp part doesn’t work.
I downloaded darkrp,putted in my server’s gamemode and putted +sv_defaultgamemode “darkrp” in my server.cfg
Afther i saw it dint work i putted the same command in my serverstarter (-console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v4c_v2 +maxplayers 45 -autoupdate +sv_defaultgamemode “darkrp”)
Also…it failed.
The gamemode stays on sandbox.
I tried so manny commands but non of theme works.
Can some 1 explain to me what i have to do?


I use this without the + and it works for me
sv_defaultgamemode “zombiesurvival”

dont know how many times i already told this to people but ill do it again,
sv_defaultgamemode got deprecated with the release of gmod 13, use +gamemode “yourgamemode” instead…

you obviously didnt search enough

Omg…Ty and sorry for not serching enough.
I serched the whole web but dint serched on facepunch (just made an acc)

Now you have said that, I looked again and found +gamemode “zombiesurvival” further down the list of my cfg… Sorry! D:

Off Topic:

I like the part where he can’t workout the +gamemode switch, is trying to run a DarkRP server, and thinks he can do 45 slots :stuck_out_tongue: