DarkRP help please!!

hello i get killed in darkrp on garry’s mod and all my guns in my pockets fall out. what good is this? how can i change it? it’s on my sever. what kind of code do i need or is it in lua. do i type rp_deathdrop ? no but for real this cauld help. oh yeah 1 more thing . i want to sell weed shipments but it does not work i can sell some other drug shipments but not weed. can you help with that? and i have an injector gun that you shoot people with drugs and they get high . when i use it i get kicked from the game and it my sever lol and the moddle is broke it an error can you help? i need a small map so i am making my own kick but map. i have 1 million questions that are hard to answer. can you just be my friend and skype me and we can talk about it and i will worship you. i love garrys mod and i want to make my own severs with my own game modes but this is hard… i want my own maps to. i want a new lua chat box and all that but this will never get looked at because the admins hate their lives. and take it out on us game makers. don’t awnser all that just the first part unless you want to awnser all that because if you were cool you would skype me aaronlovespot1 i am on everyday so check back alot on skype thanks people.


off topic here but is that a picture of a dog with sun glasses on his butt? just thinking out load lol?


Never capitalize
Use little puncuation
Don’t space out your paragraph
Do not have 1 million questions


You don’t have to be a dick.


You could just point out any mistakes politely.

do you feel better now?


:aaaaa: Use Grammar when on Facepunch. It will get you along with the community quite nicely.

I don’t believe there is anything you can do about that without editing the script itself that is responsible. Sorry.

Oh my gawd! This is just a cluster fuck off words that make no sence!

Read the guide at the bottom of the offical darkrp thread!