DarkRP help with buy guns.

Hi, Im making my DarkRP server and I’ve just added some weapons.

But when I make them separate EVERY class can buy them.

My server.cfg looks like this:

[lua]// server name
hostname “CroX’s Semi-Serious RP | Custom Jobs| FastDL”

// rcon passsword
rcon_password “”

mp_falldamage 1

“rp_restrictbuypistol 1”

rp restrictbuypistol 1

“rp_restrictbuypistol” “1” [/lua]

But It wont still work.

EDIT: When I type in both console and server console, it says that the rp_restrictbuypistol isnt a command.

Please help!

I’d suggest editing out your rcon password and changing it, cause now everyone on Facepunch has it.

Also, to answer you, edit the config.lua in the DarkRP/Gamemode folder, that’s replaced most of the rp commands that existed in the F4 config menu

That my friend, was not a good thing to include.

ops haha, will change ty anyway

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Thanks bro! <3

for everyone else who needs help too with it

[lua] – enablebuypistol - Turn /buy on of off.
GM.Config.enablebuypistol = false [/lua]

darkrp/gamemode open config then search for this. It will be enabled for default

sorry for my english ^^

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