DarkRP Help!

My friend owns a DarkRP server. I HELP him code. I’m not a noob at coding but I know a little bit. I use to code for Garrys Mod and now Im getting back in to it and I’m a little rusty. So basically my problem is when you die 1 time as a Citizen. You spawn with nothing so you haft to go rejoin the Citizen job or be a different job to get the physics gun and such. But! When you change into CP or Thief anything of that sort. When you die 2 or more times you loose everything including Physics Gun and such. I have the server side logs. And both the Client Side logs. Supposedly you don’t need the Client-side logs so I’m not gonna get them. Waste of time. I’m really trying to fix this today. So please don’t mean to sound desperate. I need some halp.

Server Side logs:

We used Teamviewer so I can see the Console. So I use Gyazo. The frist time was when I died at the top. Second time is when I spawned I didnt get ANYTHING. And also. When you are a citizen and stay in your job for a long period of time I loose all my stuff. I was a Hobo while testing this by the way.

This post was terribly written,

But I may have a soloution update the svn of your darkrp and keep your job files and what ever custom content in a backup and then re install the mod. Only soloution, i can think of.

Mk well thats the logs. I dont know what you want me to show. But thanks for the help anyway!

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Ok it didnt work I put a whole new DarkRP folder in and it still does it