DarkRP help

I started my DarkRP serevr today and joined the gundealer class. I bought a shipment of guns but cannot use them, I tried use grav gun and phys gun, they won’t even move? I have DarkRP 2008 2.2 if thats any help.

can you pick them up?

If not, crouch and press E on them.

The server is missing the CSS models.

Oh that mught explain it, do you know how to get them on srcds?

Is it a rented server?

No I host it, its dedicated

Just load CSS into the orangebox folder via HLDSUpdate Tool

Thanks for all the help it all works now!

I had the same problem and i couldnt move them or pick then up. Not it works fine, thanks so much.

Just a side note DarkRP 2008 is way out of date, get DarkRP 2.2.19 from Garrysmod.org

Hey I Have a similar problem I can not pick up droped money or pick up weapons from a shipment. I have the darkRP 2.2.14 and cs:s i’m running ded.server. It just stoped working one day. Any help would be nice.=)thx


I found the problem I had. All you have to do is once the cs:s is done installing move the cstrike folder into the orangebox folder, and thats it.

there is a dark rp 2.2.17 avalible from garrysmod.org


opps now there is 2.2.18

rofl doesnt matter

Unless the F2 door issue becomes a massive problem, 2.2.18 is final.

Edit: It was a problem. 2.2.19 is out now.

I have 2.2.19 on my server. But, I don’t know what to write in the Server.cfg file to boot up a DarkRP server! HELP ME PLEASE

sv_defaultgamemode “DarkRP”

Thanks psp401, do you know of any websites on commands or scripts for the DarkRP servers that I should put in the server.cfg folder? My problem is, I can find lots of things on running a GMOD server, but little to none on hosting a DarkRP server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you go into the game and hit f2 it will bring up a list of all the commands for rp.

Okay, so if I add those to the server.cfg files, they will stay true to the server?

Yep, they will.

Okay, well I have entered sandbox commands and I’m trying to run my server as a build server, just for testing. I entered commands mentioned in this thread:


But, I cannot get my server to show up on the internet, only LAN. I have done everything mentioned in all of the guides I have read, nothing seems to work. Are there any hints on making this work? (I even did things as simple as typing “heartbeat” in the console.) All of my content for the server is located on D:\srcds\

All of the Orange Box stuff is up there too, along with addons such as PHX and ULX.

Anyone know what my problem may be?